Cogniks on Collectivism

I’ve quoted it so many times, but, “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it” – John Gilmore

The internet will never move in the direction of censorship because it belongs to a different generation who are the constant creators, lovers, and caretakers of it, and whose natural form is to break censorship (disconnection) and engage in collectivism (connection).

Every time someone puts something on the net, no matter how amazing or inane, they are promoting the ideals of the net, much like the simple act of buying a pizza from a store helps it grow and keeps it open a day longer so that more and more people can enjoy it.

Clicking buttons and posting comments might not seem grand, but in a large summation it moves us towards some unknown end, but that end is certainly not separatism.

sniff I love the internet.

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